Sunday, January 20, 2008

Free Zune Movie and Music Downloads

It is really great that now you could watch a movie on your Zune for as low as 3 cents.A few Zune movies websites that have been launched are now offering almost 600 movies for less than $20. Now that’s a deal you would not like to miss.

Zunes have made our lives definitely easier by allowing music downloads movies downloads, games, and music videos from various online stores at prices really down to earth. First, Zune put music in your pocket. Now it has put videos and images. With support for up to 15,000 songs and up to 150 hours of video Zune gives you the ultimate music experience.

The real point is that even if one doesn’t really like all of the 600 movies and videos it’s still a steal at even 60 Zune movies and videos for less than 420. It’s still far lesser than what you might end up paying for purchasing or renting these.

Well, just in case you still don’t have clue to what an Zune is, it can be said as the walkman of 21st century. You no longer need to carry those bulky Cassettes, or CDs and batteries to listen music on the move. It has an inbuilt memory ranging from about 128mb (Approx 30 songs) to 60 GB (approx 15000 songs).And all this in an unbelievably compact size. You can even watch movies and videos in the newer versions of Zune. And above all, you don’t need to carry or buy batteries every now and then because Zunes come with a rechargeable battery and charger.

All the online stuff can be viewed directly on your Zune by transferring it using a data cable or otherwise you can connect it to your computer and watch it on the bigger screen. With Zune movies you can watch your favorite movies, watch movie previews and your favorite TV shows that you might have missed while you were, busy with your work.
How do I download Zune movies?

Well first of all, you’ll have to download your service provider’s software and then fill up a registration form. As soon as you finish this, you can start watching movies on your Zune.

With the right device on you can listen to podcasts, radio stations, and itunes and a lot more stuff. Also, don’t forget to go through the previews listed on your service provider’s website to make a faster decision for the movies and other stuff you might want to download. So why wait. Go ahead and start downloading…

Zunes are fun and easy to use for the most part. The Zunes differ, yet most enable you to do multi-tasking projects. If you are searching for movies, you might want to take advantage of the low priced videos. One of the things I learnt about buying music or movies is that many have only portions of the content that is favorites while the remaining videos are something we may not like. Particular music in this situation may publish one hit on a single album and when you pay around $15 or more for one hit; it is outrageous.

This is where an Zune will come in handy, since you can select a single hit and download it, burn it to a DVD/CD and follow pursuit until you have all your favorites sounds on a single disc. Likewise, you like clips of movies you can also download your favorite episodes or else download your favorite TV shows.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Unlimited Zune Movie and Music Downloads

#1 Unlimted Zune Downloads

From all the site we reviewed ZuneDownloads is the best. It provides you with access to the largest zune music and zune movies selection with over 95 million media files to chose from all available for a one time registration of $34.95 for unlimited access, ZuneDownloads definitely gives value for money and is worth joining. Most movies are already converted to zune format, that means you can just download and transfer to your zune, no need to to covert the movies before putting them onto your zune also the music selection is excellent with the latest albums and song tracks The download speed is fast music and movies are downloaded at the best possible speed. We were able to download, copy and transfer full DVD quality movies, music videos, music just about anything else we wanted directly to our Zunes. In addition to all these features one we specially enjoyed was the zune movie converter provided so you can even copy your own DVD collection and transfer your own movies or even home videos to your zune, or download from thousands of movies already available online. Customer Service and Support is good, questions are answered quickly also they are online tutorial videos which provides you with step by step instructions. Looking for zune movies and zune music we recommend joining zune-downloads.This site was awarded our editor's choice award for excellent service, music and movie selection and best file volume.

2 Zune-Pro

This is a great site for finding many of the movies and music we searched for even music videos are readily available. There are thousands of Zune movie files ready for download with this service. They make transferring movies to your Zune a very easy and simple task. Like many of their competitors they also offer free software to convert movies and music for your zune. Even though i-ZuneAccess.Com didn't have quite the selection that did, if zune Movies are what you are searching for this is the place to find them They also provide very good software for even converting and uploading your very own home videos to your Zune. Download speed on this network is also very good as they use multiple download sources at once to ensure you bet the best downloading speed. In general with all these great features this site is surely worth joining with a One-time registration of 34.95 for unlimited access is an affordable and excellent value for money download service we have found on the net. Their customer service is very good. They got high recommendation from ZuneXpress

#3 i-ZuneAccess.Com

Zune-Access gives you access to a very broad music and DVD quality movie collection in addition they also have a wide range of the latest Zune music videos and music to chose from with over 500,000 movies available for members. One-Time registration varies, with unlimited access at $34.95, which is good value for money. With ZuneAccess.Com you can say goodbye to per download fees and welcome to unlimited zune download access. You will be able to search, download, copy, transfer and watch as many movies as you want on your zune device. They have made it very easy to use and you will be up and running in about 5 minutes or less. They have provided video tutorials that shows you exactly what to do. They provide you all you need to enjoy movies, TV shows and music including free movie converting software that convert movie to zune read format and they also make transferring your movies to your zune a very simple and easy task. offers fast zune download speeds however not as fast the speed of Zune-Downloads.Com The service and support is very good. Overall we fully enjoyed the selection at Zune-Wiz.Com this service is a good resource for the latest Zune download for movies, music videos and music.